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Multi-Award Winning Gold Coast Financial Advisors

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Centaur is an award-winning Gold Coast financial planning firm. Our goal is to always support your financial future, offering financial planning advice to build wealth, increase income, and reduce debt.

Whether it’s addressing current needs, developing a road-map for financial security, planning for retirement, assisting with aged care and pension, or another service, we have quality advice and great strategies to place you on the right track.

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Discover how Centaur’s Financial Services can work for you

We have a range of services designed to improve your financial position

Retirement Planning

We help you live your best life in retirement by designing a personalised plan

Wealth Management

Ensuring you have an investment strategy that reflects your goals and wishes

Financial Advice & Planning

Getting your financial house in order and using industry leading strategies

Personal Insurance

Ensuring that you have peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Superannuation Planning

Helping you understand the significance of an actively managed superannuation portfolio

SMSF Advice

Helping you have more control over your retirement nest egg for greater peace of mind

Estate Planning

Making sure your wishes are reflected and you are protected

Debt Management

Some debt is good and some debt is bad. We will point you in the right direction

Cash Flow & Budget

The path to wealth starts with understanding what comes in and what goes out

Tax Advice & Planning

Tax-Effective advice to help reduce your tax commitments and maximise your tax returns

Sustainable Investing

Invest in companies that seek to fight environmental devastation and climate change while advocating corporate responsibility.

Centrelink & Age Pension Advice

Maximising benefits where you can so you do not need to draw down your capital

Aged Care Financial Advice

A difficult emotional situation where we can help with the financial jargon and complexity
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Professional Financial Advisors

Our Gold Coast financial planners provide personal advice on superannuation, personal insurance, retirement planning, share investing, tax advice & planning, estate planning, debt management, aged care, Centrelink and Age Pension, along with other service areas.

Our team hold some of the highest qualifications and awards in the financial planning industry and can deliver expert advice in all areas of financial planning. Whether you want to improve investments, provide financial security for your family, accumulate wealth, plan for retirement, or better understand money and debt, we have the people to bring your dreams to fruition.

“Our financial planning team know how to make you more financially secure and know how to make your money, make you money!

The Right Financial Advice
for Your Future

Centaur works as your partner, assisting you through life’s ups and downs. Everyone wants financial security; to have a clear projection of their money and assets in the years to come – through to retirement and beyond. But reaching the point of financial security seldom happens alone. Nor does it happen overnight. It takes a team of experienced people, who are willing to take the time to really get to know you, your business, your circumstances, and your situation. It also takes a lot of know-how and proven strategies implemented over years and years to achieve your short, medium and long-term objectives. This is precisely what Centaur has to offer.

We focus on building long-term relationships with our valued clients. To know them personally; to provide a better way to manage money and accumulate wealth, and to offer guidance and support through each stage of their life.

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Expert Financial Planning Gold Coast

When it comes to choosing Gold Coast financial advisors, the most important thing is to find proactive advisors who work alongside you; who will be with you through the years, to offer assistance in each stage of life. As one of the most trusted and recognised financial planning firms, our team works with you, guiding you towards your objectives; supporting your financial security.

We offer first-class Australian financial services and advice for individuals, families, and businesses. Starting with a complimentary no-obligation consultation, we seek to understand your situation and know your goals. Then we cultivate a personal strategy to get you, your family, or your business on the right track.

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Discover how Centaur’s Financial Services can work for you

We have a range of services designed to improve your financial position

Financial Planning FAQS

  • What does a financial advisor do?

    Financial advisors help you reach your financial goals

    Simply put, a financial advisor, or financial planner as they are also referred to, develops action-plans to align you with your goals. They devise bespoke strategies to eliminate risk and build wealth for people over the long term. The situation and objectives of each client are unique; thus, a unique action-plan is always provided to get clients where they need to be in the most efficient manner.

  • Should I meet with a Financial Planner?

    It’s never too early to meet with financial planners

    There is no bad time to meet with a financial planner. In fact, the sooner you meet with Centaur’s Gold Coast financial planners, the sooner we can devise a financial plan to get you or your business on a winning path. If you are looking for a specific time, it would be during a major life change, or as you approach a new life stage, i.e., you’re getting married, divorced, starting a family, changed jobs, looking to retire.

    Planning should always be considered a long-term process; put in the work now for a more prosperous future. Every day you delay will likely reduce your long-term nest egg.
    Contact us to arrange a consultation today.

  • Why Choose Centaur?

    Centaur is a proactive financial planning firm

    We are not like other financial planning firms. We strive to deliver excellence in every area of our service, from the initial meeting, through all life stages of our clients. We want clients to know how they are financially positioned and to understand the steps needed to ensure their objections are met.

    We know everything there is about financial planning and like being presented with tricky situations that require expert advice and professional know-how. We have a Gold Coast financial planning service to meet all needs and can devise a proactive solution for individual and business needs.

    Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation today.

  • Is it worth using a financial advisor?

    Without any bias, financial advisors are worth the investment!

    One of the most asked questions surrounding financial planning is whether or not it is worth using an advisor. Granted, some people can gain riches without any professional assistance, but statistics prove that financial advisors do contribute to greater cash management and investment gains.

    Research from a Queensland University of Technology study found that the majority of clients viewed financial advice as making a positive contribution to their financial well-being. Moreover, they also agreed it was favourable to psychological well-being factors. 83% agreed that it improved their sense of security, 82% agreed it improved their financial well-being, 78% agreed that it improved their sense of control, and 77% agreed that it heightened their peace of mind.

    Additional studies by Vanguard and Russell Investments found that a good financial advisor can increase investor returns by 3-3.75%, respectively.

  • How do I find the right financial advisor?

    Conduct research and arrange a face to face meeting

    Finding the best financial advisor isn’t easy; especially if you don’t know what to look for. It’s easy to be lead astray by inflated projections that never eventuate. There is no way to get rich quick; it takes planning, patience, time, will power, and a lot of determination; a good advisor will explain this, and serve you with realistic expectations.

    An excellent way to locate a suitable advisor is to look at their experience, services, and online reviews. If they look good, you can then initiate contact and arrange a face-to-face meeting. Discuss your reasoning for wanting to meet with them, your future ambitions, and any current obstacles you may face. Gauge how they listen to you and take in their suggestions to place you in a healthier financial situation. If you perceive them to be a good fit; you like their investment beliefs, you can be comfortable in knowing you’ve found a good fit.

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